Field Trips

Photo courtesy of Barbara Rumberger

Tropical Audubon Society offers a diverse lineup of outings and programs of every feather, including: bird, butterfly and plant trips; morning forays, all-day adventures, overnight trips; local outings and expeditions far afield. A one year complimentary TAS membership will be awarded to anyone participating in a TAS field trip requiring a fee.

Participate in all-important seasonal bird counts and special events such as Birdathon!!; pitch in at workdays; peruse plant sales; and have a great time while learning more about South Florida habitats and supporting conservation. All events with a confirmed date are included.

Field trips take place rain or shine — remember that rainy days are often “birdy” days, especially during migration. Please note: Some parks charge entrance fees; carpool participants usually share fuel costs; overnight and boat trips carry additional costs. A modest fee may be required for some of the Nature Walks. To facilitate communication with trip leaders, walkie-talkies are recommended for carpool trips. Specifics for each trip are noted below. In most cases, the trip leader has included his/her email address for direct contact.

All trips are led by volunteer Tropical Audubon Society leaders. Unless otherwise indicated, they are free and open to the public, and reservations are not necessary.

When possible, we indicate trips that are led by bilingual guides.

For more information concerning any field trip, if you have field trip suggestions or if you'd like to volunteer to lead a field trip, contact Brian Rapoza, the TAS field trip coordinator via email or phone 305-479-7162.

The schedule will be updated as more information becomes available.

Photo courtesy of Barbara Rumberger

TAS Field Trip Leaders

Tropical Audubon has an amazing team of field trip leaders, ready to assist you in finding and identifying south Florida's incredible flora and fauna. Want to know more about our leaders? Want to find out about each leader's upcoming trips?  


TAS Field Trips and Workshops Requiring Reservations

Some TAS field trips, such as tours of the Stormwater Treatment Areas, have limited group sizes and require reservations. Other trips, such as van trips within Florida, or out-of-state and international tours, require fees and applications. For all of these tours, reserving a space requires making online reservations or contacting the TAS field trip coordinator.  


TAS In-State Trip Reports

Following are trip reports for TAS-sponsored in-state birding tours, from 2002 to present:

North Florida 2019 North Florida 2018 North Florida 2017 North Florida 2016 North Florida 2015 North Florida 2014 North Florida 2013 North Florida 2012 North Florida 2011 North Florida 2010 North Florida 2009 North Florida 2008 North Florida 2007 North Florida 2005 North Florida 2004 North Florida 2003
Keys and Dry Tortugas 2017 Keys and Dry Tortugas 2016 Keys and Dry Tortugas 2015 Keys and Dry Tortugas 2014 Keys and Dry Tortugas 2013 Keys and Dry Tortugas 2012 Keys and Dry Tortugas 2011 Keys and Dry Tortugas 2002
Fort DeSoto 2019 Fort DeSoto 2018 Fort DeSoto 2010 Fort DeSoto 2009 Fort DeSoto 2008 Fort DeSoto 2007 Fort DeSoto 2005 Fort DeSoto 2004
Merritt Island 2009

TAS Out-of-State Trip Reports

Following are trip reports for TAS-sponsored out-of-state and international birding tours, from 2004 to present:

Western Cuba 2020 Eastern Panama: Canal Zone and Darien 2019 Tour de Oregon 2019 Brazil: Amazon & Pantanal 2018 Greece 2018 Southern Ecuador 2017 Western Caribbean Cruise 2017 Great Parks 2016 Costa Rica 2016 Southern California 2015 Southeast Brazil 2014 Pacific Northwest 2014 Panama 2013 New England 2013 Southeast Arizona 2012 Trinidad and Tobago 2012 Ecuador: The Northern Andes 2011 South Texas 2010 Great Lakes/Prairie Potholes 2010 Southern California 2009 Great Parks 2008 Puerto Rico 2004

Paddle Out

Photo courtesy of Pilar Rodriguez

Discover South Florida from a different point of view and get a first hand view of the environment Tropical Audubon fights so hard to protect. Private trips available for team-building, school field trips, and more.