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Programs Blog


The Steinberg Nature Center at Tropical Audubon Society offers a variety of free environmental and historical education programs to schools and other interested groups. Each program begins with a guided tour of our circa 1931 Doc Thomas House headquarters (a National Historic Landmark), followed by a tour of the Steinberg Nature Center grounds, comprised of native Pine Rockland and Hardwood Hammock habitats. These tours run between 45 minutes to an hour. 


Field Trips

Tropical Audubon Society offers a diverse lineup of outings and programs of every feather, including: bird, butterfly and plant trips; morning forays, all-day adventures, overnight trips; local outings and expeditions far afield.


Urban Oasis

Twice per year, millions of migrating birds hop on the Atlantic Flyway, a major migration route extending from eastern Canada to the southern tip of South America, and cruise north or south. And just like travelers on I-95, birds following this route need to refuel, rest and recharge for the long journey ahead. Sadly, the typical urban area does not always provide plentiful sources for food, water and lodging. Because urban Miami-Dade County is a strategically sited “rest stop,” and largely considered “built out,” area residents can help create hospitable solutions that are good for both birds and people. 


More Water

We're still gathering sticks and twigs to build this nest, check back soon!


Together Green

The Toyota TogetherGreen Grant has enabled Tropical Audubon Society to implement a significant number of tree plantings and community conservation workshops. The “Urban Greening through Community Partnership” grant – a Toyota TogetherGreen by Audubon Innovation Grant was awarded to TAS for 2013-2014; it has helped TAS staff teach the diverse Miami-Dade County community about the importance of conservation and forging partnerships.  



As part of our extensive Community Outreach programming, TAS hosts an engaging series of cultural, educational and culinary events, most at our South Miami Steinberg Nature Center campus and a handful off site. With few exceptions, these festivities are largely free and open to the public. They are designed to educate, entertain or both, and to better acquaint our members and area residents with the idyllic bastion of wild and historic Florida that we steward. Each event serves as a unique vehicle for helping us grow our Conservation Mission.